Carl’s skills are first rate; that’s how I came to know him at The New York Times. One of his gifts is locating the writer’s true meaning within any initial draft. Carl respects the writer’s voice while shaping all copy into clear, elegant English. The result is polished writing, perfectly understood by the reader. Yet Carl further stands out as a collegial team member. No matter what stage a project is in or how tight the deadline, he keeps things on schedule and with a smile — a true pro. He gets my highest recommendation as a wordsmith and colleague.

— Liz Wassell
copy editor

A few years ago, I hired Carl as a full-time editor to help my firm produce dozens of plain English mutual fund prospectuses for companies trying to comply with new SEC regulations. He was thorough, meticulous and utterly unflappable . . . even in the face of conflicting deadlines and numerous demanding clients. More recently, Carl took on the task of imbuing a large manuscript, developed by more than one writer, with a single, polished and credible “voice.” I think of Carl as our quality control in that critical last mile to publication of anything.

— Charlene Haykel
Managing Principal, The Haykel Group
President & CEO, Simply Student Aid LLC